“How do I start over? How do I turn this event around to improve my life and advance it”?

Leaving a workplace due to dismissal is one of the most dramatic events an individual can go through in life. In this often-unpleasant situation, a person is faced simultaneously with the crisis of parting with a workplace, together with its social environment and the entailed financial stability. One must prepare for a term of uncertainty while searching for a new route. Adam Milo’s consultants are experienced in accompanying individuals through these challenging times. They can provide you with the much needed support, from practical to emotional aspects, that will enable you to leverage this process and improve your career progress.

Our service offerings include:

We will hold an introductory meeting for the purpose of identifying your needs and coordinating your expectations. Equipped with newly formed understanding of your goals following this meeting, we will formulate our focus issues, which will include one or more of the following issues:

1. Accompanying your job search while promoting an active approach, along with perfection and development of job search and self-promotion skills.

      • CV writing
      • Formulating a strategy for job search
      • Preparing for job interviews (including simulations) by undergoing an interview at our placement department followed by feedbacks regarding your performance at the interview

2. Efficient adaptation to the new occupational and personal status; dealing with personal and familial matters that arise during the process of change.

3. Occupational consulting and crystallizing a new career route