Has your organization spent time, money, and energy on recruiting and training new employees who either did not measure up or did not stay long enough in the organization?

Would you like to find employees who are just right for your organization, who will progress alongside your organization towards new personal and professional horizons?

Today, the combination of increased employee turnover, diminishing labor pools, and corporate risk management concerns, coupled with aggressive competition and rising expectations of the global marketplace, has heightened the need for effective Human Capital Development solutions. Indeed, a bad hiring decision may entail significant costs estimated at 20% to 200% of an employee’s annual salary, depending on the position.

In this reality, Adam Milo fulfills a real need for effective recruiting tools that ensure an optimal job fit between prospective employees and your organization. Enabling a knowledgeable recruiting process, these tools are the first essential step to forming a winning team.

So how can you choose the most suitable candidates?

By letting professionals take much of the guesswork out of the equation and assist you. Alternatively, you could gamble with the future of your organization.

Adam Milo specializes in assessing candidates’ job fit for various positions and organizations, along with pre- promotion assessment processes for incumbents. With the conclusion of a professional occupational assessment, there is no need for guesswork and one can predict, with high probability, how a prospective employee will fair in his or her new position.