Even if you look back on your career with fulfillment, you probably still have additional ambitions and professional goals to attain.

What will be your next career stop? How can you reach even further up the ladder?

The 21st century, characterized by a rapid pace of changes and developments in technology, economy, and culture, requires individuals to choose their career moves wisely: on the one hand, matching their personal desires, and on the other hand, adapting their career paths to labor market needs.

Often times, whether by choice or due to circumstances, we find ourselves in professional crossroads. We are then called upon to make decisions whose implications are crucial to the continuance of our professional and personal lives. However, we do not always feel we possess the adequate decision-making tools that will guide us towards the decisions that are right for us.

Adam Milo provides personal, professional counseling designed to accompany you as an individual in every single crossroad you encounter on your career path: starting from your first choices of education and occupation, through dealing with changes and crises along the way, to planning your retirement. Our consultation service is based on dozens of years of experience, updated researches, and hands-on knowledge about the local labor market.

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