“Self fulfillment? A new path? At my age?”

In a world in which quality of life and self-fulfillment are key values in our daily lives, people of all ages are unwilling to compromise and go through life feeling they have missed their true calling. Today, unlike previous generations, we are sometimes given the privilege of exiting the professional path we took, and embarking on a new road.

Occupational change and retraining are an exciting challenge that is also accompanied by many doubts and fears.

If we take a good look at existing alternatives and a close look at ourselves, we can feel empowered and embark on a new, promising route.

Adam Milo assists you in this process and offers a personal, professional accompaniment in career changes along the route.

Our professional consultation services are provided by a top-tier career consultant and are tailored to your specific needs.

Through a series of personal meetings, whose scope is adapted to your goals and needs, our consultant becomes acquainted with your preferences, aptitudes and experience, and jointly explores fulfillment paths with you. Depending on your will and need, you can jointly decide with the consultant whether or not to undergo a full assessment day in order to enrich the process with further information. Either way, at the end of the process, you will discover a variety of adequate, practical career possibilities waiting for you, based on our consultant’s acquaintance with up to date offers in the labor market.