Reaching a decision is not easy, especially when dealing with the crucial decision of choosing your education and career.

“How can I choose the best path for me, to make the most of my potential and progress as far up the ladder as possible”?

As a young adult or ex-serviceperson, you face numerous possibilities and directions of development. The variety of possibilities can be confusing and may naturally create internal conflicts. Up until now, you pretty much took the traveled, pre-defined road. Now, entering your adult life, you are required to make a decision that will impact your life for years to come. Are you scared, challenged, or excited? Probably all of the above.

Adam Milo is here to help you by counseling you on your educational and professional path, on your way to make one of the most important decisions to date.

Our consultation service is provided by an occupational consultant, who will personally accompany you throughout the entire process, including:

  • A preliminary meeting in which our consultant will find out about your expectations, difficulties in making decisions, and your goals;
  • A comprehensive assessment day in which your skills, personality traits, and professional inclinations will be evaluated;
  • A consultation session, where you will receive feedbacks and a comprehensive outlook on your skills, inclinations, and other characteristics;
  • In accordance with the findings, we will present you with professional possibilities and relevant sources for detailed information;
  • Information regarding various occupations and education possibilities is available through the Meytam system;
  • A consultation session, where you will be able to contemplate and decide regarding your future plans in accordance with the directions you explored.


The personal consultation service will help you focus on the relevant questions and answers, and will present you with focused, practical conclusions. At the end of the process, you will wholeheartedly embark on your new journey with a new awareness of the entailed advantages and disadvantages.


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