“I am looking for talented employees, who are able to develop and grow alongside the organization.”

Is your organization faced with extensive employee recruitment? Have you decided on your move for searching a senior vice president?

Adam Milo offers you the most precise, efficient solutions. Focused or extensive, an employee recruiting process can become a stepping-stone on your way to mutual success. However, if ill or hastily conducted, it can also become a time and resource intensive burden. Our teams consisting of dozens of experienced professionals, together with the sophisticated tools we developed over the years, enable us to create a maximal match between the needs and abilities of both parties, thereby creating mutual growth opportunities – both human and vocational.

What is the difference between recruitment and placement?

Recruiting is an overall process that includes the definition of positions, placing ads, screening applications, assessing relevant candidates and selecting the suitable candidate.
Placement is a process, which is based on use of “limited” sources, such as social networks and Adam Milo’s pool of previously assessed candidates. Using this pool, we locate the most suitable candidates and proceed to the next stages.

Recruitment – the advantages that work, big time


Employee recruiting campaigns are a complex matter that calls for a professional, external intervention. Adam Milo helps organizations of various sizes and industries undertake recruitment campaigns of varied scopes, while applying advanced managerial tools.
Designed by a dedicated team, the recruitment process is tailored to the needs of each customer, and is personally accompanied through five typical goal-oriented stages:

  • Turning to recruitment sources (advertising)
  • Initial screening of CVs
  • Phone screen and invitation to an assessment center
  • Assessment center
  • Process continuation – customer tailored

At the end of the process, a list of the most suitable candidates is forwarded to our customer.

Adam Milo’s recruitment department has led a multitude of complex recruitment campaigns for some of the leading corporations in the Israeli market, including: Partner, Eurocom, Strauss Group, Maariv, Hot, Super-Sol and more.

Services of the recruitment department include:

  • Large scale recruiting (even within short terms);
  • Formulating a suitable job profile;
  • Designing, drafting, and advertising professional wanted ads in the media;
  • Screening candidates, using advanced tools;
  • Effective, economical optimization of candidates using an efficient, computerized system;
  • Operating assessment and screening centers with a rich basket of screening tools;
  • Strengthening a candidate’s commitment to the recruitment process and offering quality exposure to the recruiting company;
  • Generating follow-up and control reports for analysis and improvement of the process;