“I have a lot of potential and motivation to succeed. I would like to find a workplace that will appreciate me and enable me to make the best possible use of these attributes.”

Are you planning a retraining and a career change?
Are you back on the job market?
Is your mind set on taking your career a step further?

Soon enough, you will inevitably discover that job searching is a tiring and demanding process… in fact, it is a job in and of itself.

Adam Milo invites you to allow professionals to do the work for you –we will match you a job in which you can thrive, further your capabilities, and build your career. The professional, experienced team at Adam Milo, using our specially developed tools, will offer you positions to match your skills, your abilities and your growth path.

Updated on a daily basis, our pool of hot jobs includes dozens of open positions in various fields.

In addition, we specialize in providing personal counseling for planning and realizing career paths. Accompanying you at each stage of your work cycle, our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and expertise you need to make the most important decisions: from preparing for academic studies, through launching your career or reaching its peak, to job deliberations and effectively dealing with job searching.

Here you will learn how to effectively search for and find a job by improving your skills of self-marketing, CV writing and performance at job interviews.