A workplace and an occupation that fit an orthodox lifestyle-is it possible?
Adam Milo – we realize your efforts

Occupational counseling for orthodox Jews

Managing a career and finding the adequate occupational path present a challenging goal for members of the orthodox community. As the leading organization in the field of career management, Adam Milo is proud to lead the field of occupational counseling in the orthodox sector. Our consultants have an extensive experience in working with the orthodox sector, and are well versed and up-to-date with the special needs of orthodox individuals and communities. Our consultation and placement processes are uniquely tailored to the orthodox population and are administered in a confidential, respectful manner in our company’s branches throughout Israel.

A consultation meeting at Adam Milo will be the first step you take in order to find a job that will enable you and your family a respected livelihood, promotion and challenge in your workplace alongside full compliance to your lifestyle.