Change and development processes are essential lifecycle phases of any organization seeking to grow, excel and succeed. Driving productive change and development processes requires a clear, thorough understanding of an organization’s culture, character, operations and the contribution made by its players to such proceedings. Adam Milo has developed and implemented unique methods for organizational development based on a profound understanding of how people operate within an organization and their position. We offer effective, in-depth, professional organizational consulting services designed to lay the foundations from which your organization can be catapulted into future growth.

We specialize in the following development processes:

1.Creating and assimilating an organizational culture that supports that specific organization’s targets and objectives (assimilation of values, team leadership codes, managing patterns and performance guidelines).

2. Developing human capital across the organization on every level and throughout all phases while fulfilling employees’ potential and nurturing leadership skills and traits:

  • Executive coaching, a unique individual and group program
  • Excellence and leadership development through the Silver-Ace model
  • Personal counseling to senior managers

3. Forming and developing teams:

  • Development of management teams
  • Forming and developing organizational teams
  • Coaching of peer teams

4. Counseling on forming and assimilating HR processes

  • Forming HR teams
  • Processes of “Cracking the Genetic Code”
  • Training of HR personnel
  • Survey projects and organizational assessments (including 360 Multi Rater Feedbacks)

5. Workshops and enhancement activities covering various topics

  • Managing and driving employees
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Change management
  • Communication and impact
  • Vigorous management skills


Our extensive track record comprises many years of organizational consulting to companies and organizations of all sizes and sectors. Among our customers are some of the largest companies and powerhouses in the marketplace, including: SanDisk, HP, Supersal, Teva Israel, TTI, TI Israel, Kost Forer & Gabbay (Ernst & Young Israel), Bezeq International, Bank Leumi, Camtek, ECI, Schering Plough, SmarTeam, Applied Materials and Champion Motors.