How are candidates for senior positions assessed?

Assessing candidates for senior positions poses a complex challenge to all those involved. On the one hand, the cost of an erring decision is extremely high: a senior officer exercises a cross-organizational impact. Therefore, bad appointments are manifested not only in financial damage, but in other aspects as well. On the other hand, a candidate in a senior position is normally very busy, would find it difficult to free up his or her time, and is reluctant to “sit in with the other candidates.” Discretion is yet another important consideration. For all these reasons and more, we have developed the VIP service for assessing candidates for senior positions.

The assessment of high-ranking employees requires different preparation, utmost sensitivity and uncompromising discretion. Through our longstanding engagement in this field, we have developed a special expertise in assessing and recruiting candidates for senior positions during dozens of years of professional services provided to the largest organizations in the market. Alongside our unique professional tools, the Adam Milo VIP service provides service offerings on a different level, and in full compliance with the behavioral code prevailing at the highest managerial ranks, as follows:

A dedicated team meets the candidate in person, privately and confidentially. We offer the possibility to conduct the assessment at the candidate’s home, a hotel, or any other location – in Israel or overseas.

Our holistic, in-depth assessment day includes an evaluation of the candidate’s stress management abilities, his or her ability to solve crises, cope with changes and more. We also offer the possibility of outdoor training as a means to evaluate candidates.

The Silver Ace model presents an additional means to guarantee the senior candidate about to enter his or her new position is indeed the right choice in terms of the organization and its goals. The model is an efficient, innovative tool offered to decision makers in an organization – both as a screening tool and as an empowering tool for managers on the job and upon assuming their positions.

Our renowned VIP service offered to candidates includes a personal assessor, lunch, a private room, a choice between undergoing testing in a hotel room or in any other location, and the possibility of receiving personal feedback at the end of the process.

Scheduling an assessment