Silver Ace – Mapping Personal Abilities based on a Holistic Model

Which is the path that leads to excellence and personal effectiveness? The Silver Ace model, developed by our team of expert consultants, offers a holistic approach that addresses various skills essential for attaining success.

Developed by Dr. Dov Yanai, the model maps eight mental capabilities divided into: analytic, verbal, and “voice of reason” capabilities, attributed to the “left lobe” of the brain; and innovation, adaptability to change and emotional intelligence capabilities, attributed to the “right lobe”. These two groups provide the following eight pivots:

IQ-L– logical, analytical cognitive processes based on facts
IQ-R – intuitive, creative, visual cognitive processes involving abstract thinking
CQ –the change factor representing the ability to change, to adapt to disorder. Flexibility, resourcefulness, and a high improvisation capability
SQ – the efficiency and order factor representing a methodic, decisive, result-oriented, orderly and stable work style
EQ – the pivot of emotional capability. A high IQ note indicates an emotional maturity, empathy to, and understanding of, our fellow human beings; the ability to form a team and cooperate
VQ – the pivot of ethical intelligence representing our inner “ethic code” covering work norms and a moral framework and outlook on life
ENG – the energy factor representing the capability to engage, to dare and to initiate
AQ –the pivot of purpose representing our spiritual energy, emotional objectives, personal vision, ambition and will power.

Each one of us naturally possesses strong capabilities in some areas, and weaker capabilities in other areas. The ability to balance between them and a personal awareness to one’s personal strengths and weaknesses is the basis for personal and professional excellence and effectiveness.

This model is yet another unique tool applied on our route to fulfillment of personal potential. Improving the weak capabilities while strengthening the notable capabilities and their balanced combination, is achieved through personal and collective development processes thereby elevating managerial and personal effectiveness to advanced, higher levels.

An innovative, effective tool, this model facilitates the growth of leadership skills far beyond traditional management development courses.

The Silver Ace model presents an additional means to guarantee that senior candidates about to enter their new positions are indeed the right choice in terms of the organization and its goals. The model is an efficient, innovative tool offered to decision makers in an organization – both as a screening tool and as an empowering tool for current managers on the job.