VERITAS Integrity Test –Knowing Whom to Trust

Recently, a unique, innovative test has been added to our portfolio of assessment, recruitment and employee placement processes: an integrity test.

Researches conducted all over the world have indicated that the extent of damage caused due to occupational crime (damage inflicted to the workplace by employees) amounts to 6% of a company’s annual turnover. In certain fields, such as sales, this figure can soar up to 30%.

Occupational crime spans broad fields – from simple disciplinary offences, such as tardiness or deficient performance, to mendacious reporting and even theft or bribery.

While companies invest heavily in resources in order to minimize this phenomenon, the most effective way of dealing with this professional hazard is, as is the case with any threat, to prevent it. How does one proactively prevent the hazard of occupational crime? By tracing and screening the candidates most prone to delinquency, way before they are accepted to the workplace.

Developed by Integra over the course of three years, the VERITAS computerized test is an innovative screening tool identifying candidates prone to cause damage to organizations and companies. Leveraging a winning combination of former senior personnel in national defense systems, psychologists and technology professionals, Integra’s founders and professional practitioners have succeeded in creating a unique, validated, and field proven product for reliably gauging the integrity of an individual.

The test examines seven issues related to occupational integrity:


  • Loyalty;
  • Reporting integrity;
  • Theft;
  • Bribery;
  • Drug addiction;
  • Alcohol addiction;
  • Gambling addiction.


The integrity of an employee is often times the threshold criteria, preceding all other personality traits. Therefore, the integrity test is a most valuable tool for any type of company or organization, with crucial importance with regards to screening and acceptance to positions relating to finance, acquisition, equipment, goods and exposure to sensitive data.

The test takes about 25 minutes, after which a detailed report is produced.

It should be noted that the integrity test usually serves as a decision-assisting tool and is part of a series of other assessment tools (such as personality tests, skills and aptitude tests). In certain cases, we recommend complementing the integrity test with a personal questioning of the candidate regarding issues, which came up in the test.

The integrity test is used by the leading organizations in the Israeli market, including banks, security companies, investment companies, retail companies, hotels, etc.