As the market leader in HR services, we aspire to provide our customers with top-quality services tailored to their needs. To this end, we ensure the following:

  • Each customer is assigned a dedicated account executive who personally administers the liaisons throughout the project and ensures customer’s needs are fully met by quality, professional solutions. Our account executives are seasoned professionals proficient in providing assistance and counseling on any issue or field.
  • As our customer, you can choose to engage part or all of our comprehensive range of services. For instance, some customers choose to concentrate on their core business while we manage all of their organizations’ HR processes – on site or on our premises, while others choose to engage us for a specific service such as candidate assessment.
  • Accommodating the language of your choice, we provide our services in a broad range of languages including English, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, and more.
  • We tailor our professional services to our customers’ needs by applying flexible technological platforms (web-based and other tools).
  • Our rich portfolio of assessments incorporates advanced, validated tests constantly updated and further developed by our robust research and development department.
  • Designed to deal with multi-scope projects, from small to large scale, our prompt response time is exceptionally fast to meet your tight deadlines.
  • We are well prepared to provide our services in your desired location, whether in one of our four branches, on your premises, or in any other place within Israel or overseas.
  • Reflecting our customer oriented approach and providing maximum convenience, our working hours are from 07:30 AM to 19:00 PM on weekdays, and until 13:00 PM on Fridays. You can schedule an assessment or a consultation meeting within twenty-four hours. Please contact us.